Reaving Your World

Reaving Your World In style Ahhhh Richard, always good for a laugh. On to the exciting news! The Reavers are here the Reavers are here! HURRAH HURRAH! Talk about a quick release! Ok, so my teasing of the British is over. Sorry my friends over the pond, I just can not help myself sometimes.... Continue Reading →

Building a Titan Part 2

What could be the core of a Maniple? Lets find out!   Annnd we are back! Here is part two of my Titan types. In this article we will talk about Strikers and Breakers. Two types that make up the majority of builds or, well, they will. Strikers: What is a Striker? Well a Striker... Continue Reading →

What to look forward to

What to expect In this article I will go over what articles I am currently planning and what to expect. Yes this is a floater article but mainly because I wanted to "chat". Like some people do a sit down an chat vlog or something similar that is what this is. If you are not... Continue Reading →

Building a Titan Part 1

Wait? You can build a Titan differently! Yes, there will be a day where we have more than just Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Bellicosa Volcano Cannons and itty bitty Knights that make you REALLY question the actual scale of what you are looking at. . . CURSE YOU 40K TEAM!!! I thought those were AT18 knights... Continue Reading →

Venator Maniple List variety

Glass Cannon lovers unite! The venerated Venator... Ahhh my favorite Maniple. Definitely the lowest staying power of any Maniple but the best fun. Let us dive into this wonderful creative aspect of destruction and demise of both you and your opponents. I will go into why this is in a bit. Huh, who would of... Continue Reading →

Myrmidon Battleline Lists variety

Ferocity Incarnated The Myrmidon Battleline is a fearsome monstrosity. In smaller point games it is unwieldy but tough while bringing withering amounts of fire. It is good to bring up that this Maniple will be the base Maniple usable with just a Reaver kit and a Grandmaster Edition set. List time! Last time I had... Continue Reading →

Axiom List Variety

The Maniple rises and walks the death and destruction it brings will lay hab blocks to waste and bring tears of ash to the foes of the Legio!The Axiom ManipleOk enough melodramatic fluff. The Axiom Maniple is the first of the three current maniples in the base rule book. This is the most broad scope... Continue Reading →

The Titans walk again

  The beginning of an adventure  Thank you all for joining me on my adventure into the world of Adeptus Titanicus Horus Heresy, also known as Adeptus Titanicus 2018 What is Adeptus Titanicus 2018? It is an 8mm game recreated and redesigned from its original version from 30 years ago. Adeptus Titanicus is a table... Continue Reading →

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